Neidio i'r prif gynnwy

Mark Roscow

Mark Roscrow joined the National Health Service in 1978 and worked for the Mid Glamorgan Health Authority Supplies Department, later moving to WHTSO (which became the Welsh Health Common Services Authority).

In the mid 1980s, Mark joined the North West Regional Health Authority as a purchaser at Trafford Park Hospital.

Following a move back to Wales as Head of Purchasing in East Dyfed Health Authority, Mark returned to WHCSA as Director of Materials Management with the creation of the Procurement Group in Wales.

In 1996, Mark was appointed as Director of Welsh Health Supplies following the market testing of the Contracting and Supply Chain services. Quality and Continuous Improvement were core themes within WHS.  An extensive quality programme was developed with four ISO accredited systems, and one notable highlight in winning the Wales Quality Awards prize in 2009. The development of web tendering and the launch of the website were also notable achievements which are just common place today.

The current role covers all parts of Wales with over 500 staff in Accounts Payable, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Capital, Purchasing and Support Services.